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What is OneSurfVan?

Onesurfvan is traveling, exploring, the desire for adventure and above all love for surfing. Onesurfvan is certainly not just a car rental, but above all a lifestyle that you either fail and you want nothing else, or at least experience an unconventional vacation that you will not forget. Surely we could say that we are an adventure van rental where you can sleep, eat, store your surfboards and take this four-wheeled house to where you are going. Our base is in the beautiful, almost untouched countryside of Asturias in the north of Spain. From here you can explore the beauty of the entire Atlantic coast, such as France, Spain and Portugal. You can choose mountains, beaches and cities. Experience vanlife first hand, learn about our journey through Andalusia and Portugal and get inspired.

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How does he get to us?

We are located in a beautiful area in the north of Spain in Asturias at the Salty Lobos Surf House.

We will be happy to pick you up at the airports in Oviedo, Santander or Bilbao. You can find the price list here, or if you are heading for us by car, you can leave it parked with us. The map can be found in the contact section.


Wildcamping is generally not allowed, but is tolerated on most beaches in northern Spain. We will be happy to advise you on the best beaches and sleeping places. In general, ask other campers about local conditions.

Payment and reservation?

If you are interested in booking, write us or call us.

We require a 50% deposit (wire transfer) of the rental price to confirm your reservation. The remaining part of the lease, deposit, accessories, insurance, etc. must then be paid on arrival in cash. To rent a car, a cash deposit of € 500 is required.

Driving on unpaved roads?

No, driving on unpaved roads is not allowed. Our campervans are classic cars and are not adapted to these road conditions. In the event of a breach, a fee of EUR 200 is charged.

Can I borrow a van when I'm under 21?

Yes, but only in exceptional cases and only after consultation. However, we charge an additional fee of EUR 5 per day for drivers under 23 years of age. Minimum age to rent a delivery is 21 years. You must also have been in possession of a driving license for at least 3 years.


Not only will we be happy to lend you everything you need to surf, but we can also give you surfing lessons from our experienced instructors.


Asturias is located in the north of Spain, bordered by the Bay of Biscay and surrounded by the high mountains of the Cantabrian Mountains. The landscape, which is year-round green thanks to frequent rainfall, is one of the most beautiful of all of Spain. You will find high mountains, deep valleys with clear streams and streams, gorges, caves.

On the coast are scattered small fishing villages with beautiful sandy beaches. The coastal landscape of Asturias can be compared to New Zealand with a little exaggeration. Pleasantly undulating relief, borders with bushes, streams, hills covered with forests and everywhere full of greenery. That is why this part of the coast is called the Costa Verde – Green Coast.

How to reach us?

Bilbao – 4500CZK with Lufthansa, 2600CZK with Swissair or 4500CZK direct flight from Prague with CSA, now fly 3 times a week Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Santander cca 1900CZK from Prague via London with Ryanair and EasyJet. More on
Asturias – 150EUR Now you can fly with VOLOTEA airlines from Munich direct flight to Asturias for 150 EUR! This connection flies directly to Oviedo / Asturias Airport, which is only 40min by car from SaltyLobos.
Asturias from Prague – TAP PORTUGAL now offers a flight from Prague to Asturias with a transfer in Lisbon for 5400 CZK!